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四季の移ろいを鮮明にまとう ひと目で感じる、和の心


The changing seasons are a key part of our culture in Japan, a land where each season is so richly and distinctly different than the last. The colors and motifs used in traditional kimonos are dramatic representations of nature in everyday life as it changes from season to season.


Animals and plants, mountains and ocean waves, fireworks and festivities unique to every season. Kimono patterns express the seasonal wonders of Japan. Staying a step ahead is key to wearing kimonos with style. In summer, for example, you should select a pattern with autumnal plants and insects. The idea is to inspire feelings of the season to come.
Sakura, the heart and soul of the Japanese people, can be worn year-round, regardless of the season. Obi (sashes), tabi (socks), han eri (collars), and obijime (belts for the sash), the essentials for total kimono coordination, can all be found with lovely sakura petal motifs.


When colors are used in kimonos, they take names unique to Japan. These are traditional Japanese colors, which come in great numbersムfrom 200 to 300 in all. Many of the names belong to nature, such as the names of flowers. Botan (peonies), tsutsuji (azaleas), sakura (cherry), and koubai (plum) express reds. Azuki (azuki beans), akane (madder), akebono (dawn), and sango (corals) express more subtle hues.

More than just cute

Traditional childrenユs toys made of paper and wood can be found throughout Japan. Among the most popular is the “kokeshi.”
The kokeshi is a simply structured doll with a round head and cylindrical body. The first of them were made in the Tohoku area towards the end of the Edo period. The doll is designed with a thin neck and straight body, which can be easily grasped by a small child. Red kokeshis are especially popular, as the color red is traditionally believed to protect children from smallpox. While most kokeshis have narrow eyes characteristic of the Japanese, wide-eyed kokeshis have recently become available.

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